Advanced Threat Protection
Advanced Threat Protection

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True partnership start here!!
True partnership start here!!

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We believe that planning is the cornerstone of success.

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Advanced Threat Protection
Advanced Threat Protection

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Often, the most formidable obstacles lie within. Infrastructure challenges and inefficiencies compromise companies' ability to operate at full potential. The question then, for any business is this: does the technical infrastructure meet the technical needs to support business objectives?


CITS can help clients answer that question. Our knowledgeable team will perform a thorough assessment of a company's current environment, whether they require analysis of their entire infrastructure or a specific area. Our assessment and implementation capabilities extend to a number of areas, including overall IT, virtualization, disaster recovery, network management, user support and training, HIPPA, CMMC, PCI compliance, and much more.


The assessment identifies where and how improvements can be made to optimize operations and reduce costs. Once the full assessment is complete, CIT Solutions can also design and build the solution and manage it on an ongoing basis - enabling our clients to focus on other business-critical initiatives. With CIT Solutions' help, a client's infrastructure can become a key component of their long-term success.


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Dennis, DeLizzio Seligson Architects

I highly recommend Critical IT Solutions as part of your team. They know their business and provide excellent, quick services...

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Justin, RGA Associates

Critical IT has been a great partner to Rathgeber/Goss Associates and I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs IT services.

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Ron, Mid-Atlantic Finishing

CITS is a proactive company with the tools in place to keep your business going. CITS is great at tailoring IT solutions to the skill level of individual users. Their responsiveness to issues is top notch...

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While technological evolution has brought us many great initiatives, it has also brought about an unprecedented rise in cyberthreats. IBM Security estimates that companies, on average, take about 197 days to detect a breach
and 69 days to contain it.

Without regular IT Security risk assessments, you run
the risk of not detecting a security breach until it’s too
late. Besides, regular assessments can also help you get
a comprehensive view of your network to make informed security decisions.

The best way to combat these threats is by gaining full information about the vulnerabilities in your applications and networks. Without measuring these vulnerabilities, you have no way of improving your security.

This is where network and security assessments play a critical role. These assessments help you:


  • Boost your network security

  • Protect your valuable data

  • Improve the security posture of your IT infrastructure

  • Build a resilient risk management program