• Hani Eshack

The Importance of Documentation

Documentation means collecting, recording, and storing important information. No matter the industry, most businesses depend on documentation. Documentation is critical to standardize processes and organize information efficiently, consistently, and accurately.

Some of the benefits of good documentation include:


Good documentation saves you time. Instead of wasting precious hours searching for information or generating a process from scratch, look to your documentation for easily accessible and well-organized information when you need it.


Creating formal process documents allows for a standard method across your business. This means more clarity and less confusion overall. Even new employees will be able to pick up on the procedures for your organization quickly with good documentation.


Good documentation means you can look to your materials and trust the information you find. With good documentation, you will avoid errors, missing information, and inconsistencies.

Tips for Good Documentation

  • Be sure the information you populate your materials with is accurate and complete

  • Create documents that are legible, clear, and consistent

  • Take advantage of templates and online services with documents and resources

  • Record processes with an appropriate amount of detail for the topic

  • Break down each step into smaller tasks

  • File your documents in well-organized folders and subfolders

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