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Do you and your employees use Teams to interact virtually, SharePoint to share and collaborate on documents, OneDrive to store business and personal files, or Outlook’s web mail?

If so, your business data and proprietary information may be at more risk than you think. And you could be wasting money and slowing things down at the same time as well.

Microsoft takes the security of their platform very seriously, but that doesn’t protect you from your own people, who are often performing high-risk actions within these applications on a regular basis, regardless of whether their actions are accidental or malicious.

3 Obstacles to Cloud Success:

1. Wasted Money

Extra licenses that are being paid for and not used, and sometimes resources in Azure that are not needed, but charged for monthly by Microsoft.

2. Wasted Time

It’s very common for the environment to quickly get bloated with data, which can negatively impact performance and productivity.

3. Loss of Control

You can’t manage what you can’t see or control. Without regular reporting and analysis of your Microsoft Cloud environments, there’s no way for you to understand your risks, contain costs or improve productivity.

Common Cloud Threats:

  • Compromised Account Credentials

  • Insider Threats, Human Error

  • Excessive User Permissions

Microsoft Office 265 is hands down the most common set of business applications and cloud services used by businesses like yours.

What can you do?

Partner with Specialists!

Microsoft Office 265 is hands down the most common set of business applications and cloud services used by businesses like yours. It’s unlikely that you have the internal resources to stay on top of this. While Microsoft does include some administrative tools that allow you to manually access the environment through the web and toggle back and forth between menus, it can be incredibly time-consuming and very difficult to identify issues or big-picture trends.

A specialist will be able to understand your cloud environment and mitigate any discovered risks, as well as continue to analyze your cloud environment performance and security. This will help to improve and maintain your cybersecurity, as well as increase productivity and save you time and money.

If you use the cloud, consider consulting an IT Specialist such as Critical IT Solutions to monitor your cloud environment risks.

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