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Best Cybersecurity Practices

As Critical IT Solutions celebrates 10 years of unparalleled support for our clients in the D.C. area, we have decided to share our expert knowledge.

Read on to learn the 6 Best Cybersecurity Practices for small businesses.

1. Protect Your Passwords

Simple and commonly used passwords make it easy for someone to access your information. Develop strong, unique passwords and change them often.

2. Backup Everything

Losing your data would be time consuming and expensive to come back from. Don’t wait until it is too late. Protect your information by regularly backing up your data. These should be scheduled, complete backups to a secure destination, and verifiable.

3. Keep Up With Your Updates

As your business grows, your system needs to keep up. Regularly update your system with the latest OS and security patches and upgrade when necessary. Out of date systems can make you vulnerable and increase your risk of being a victim of hackers.

4. Implement Employee Training

Many hacking attacks can be attributed to user error. Provide cybersecurity training to inform employees of best practices for internet safety. Even so much as clicking on the wrong email could compromise the entire company’s system, not just their computer. Be sure all employees understand the risk.

5. Protect Against Malware & Viruses

Install a second generation antivirus/malware/spyware protection software and keep it up to date. Never click or a link or download a file from anyone unless you are expecting it.

6. Invest in Your Cybersecurity

Investing in your cybersecurity has always been a good idea, and these days it is vital. Find an IT service provider that can help protect your business needs.

  • A good MSP should be able to offer the latest and most effective tools that can protect you from the outside and inside your network.

  • Advanced tools can be expensive; however, the cost of recovering from a cyber attack is much more expensive. An MSP can help you determine the level of protection that is right for you.

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